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U.S. Pond Hockey Championships

Hockey. The way nature intended. Outdoors in the crisp winter air, skate blades gliding on the fresh ice below, with the sounds of clacking sticks and the smell of grilling bratwurst filling the air.

Reunite with your friends over a weekend when time can stand still and we can all be kids for three days. The champions will go down in history with their names etched into the Golden Shovel, a symbol of our lifelong love and passion for the purity of this outdoor game.

The U.S. Pond Hockey Championships have become a Winter tradition for athletes and spectators alike and one of the most exciting events of the season. The tournament plays host annually to more than 2,000 adult players and 20,000 spectators over the three day event.

Since its inception in 2006, the tournament has received one billion media impressions including features on ESPN, NBC’s Today’s Show, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Good Morning America and many others.

WOW Factor Sports is honored to partner with SportsEngine to provide complete Event Management Services, Logistics Coordination, Graphic Design, Apparel Management + Sales and Volunteer Management for this long-standing hockey community event! 2020 marks the 9th year of WOW Factor Sports involvement in the management of this event.

Join us for the 15th Annual U.S. Pond Hockey Championships on Lake Nokomis in January 2020!



(OPENS AUGUST 1, 2019)



(OPENS OCTOBER 15, 2019)